Know Your Bandage Dress October 05, 2014 21:37

I just decided to write a really quick and hopefully post for shoppers of bandage dresses and give a little clarity here because you can really get fooled if you don't know the difference between a BodyCon dress and a Bandage dress. It amazes me how many blog posing and Look Books I see online of some personal fashion bloggers showing off their new bandage dress and in reality it is not a Bandage dress but what they are wearing is a BodyCon which also can be a very sexy look.

However the first dead give away is fabric and then the fit is totally off for a Bandage dress. I wear both BodyCon and Bandage. A authentic and quality bandage dress is made of heavy bandage fabric consisting of rayon, nylon and spandex. A well made Bandage dress supports your curves and holds your tummy in. You ever wear a "Spanx" or any other body sliming, shaper undergarment? They fit like that without the discomfort the fabric has ease of movement and breaths and not worrying about sucking your tummy in all while you are in it.

A BodyCon dress on the other hand is a very close fitting sometime tight fitting dress however it offers zero support and if you have any slightly unforgiving areas like many of us being human then you may need to wear a body shaper to flatten the tummy and or control the jiggle in the trunk for figure enhancement. 

Another thing to look for in the fit though a BodyCon is designed in a slim cut so that is fits close to the body however there can still be visible slack in certain areas when walking or standing because of the weight and the blend of the fabric even in a well made BodyCon, however unless you are totally wearing a Bandage dress that is not your proper size in a couple sizes to big you will never see (ANY) slack in a Bandage dress. Celebrities wear them all the time do you ever see any slack? That's beauty they sculpt the curves and the only were a Bandage dress is loose is in areas where it is designed to be loose.

It kind of leaves me scratching my head in confusion because I don't know why someone would post and say they are wearing a Bandage dress when they are not, because the BodyCon that they are wearing they look beautiful in, it's just not a Bandage dress along with if they want to be in a great Bandage dress you can find them at affordable prices, we sell them here, so I don't get it, do you? 

Now this is a great Bandage Sighting Judd in her Bandage Dress. Do you see in slack? I didn't think so...