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SRJ Inspirations “The Amazing Brush Stroke Of Shelley Jones 

Have you ever had the opportunity to stare over the shoulder of an artist as they put paint to canvas, it’s a pretty amazing thing to watch, but let’s face it none of us really like having someone starring over our shoulder while were working?

I’m sure most of us at one time or another had that annoying manager who just couldn’t get how freaking annoying that is, or maybe they did know; it was just their smaller ego side trying to intimidate you, but in any event that’s one of the most irritating thing you can do to a person regardless of your motives, maybe it’s just one of my “Pet Peeves!”

 That being said though Shelley was not expecting someone crashing her private photo shoot, Ms. Shelley Jones of SRJ Inspirations was more than kind and professional to someone who wasn’t suppose to be there, but the journalist side of me just couldn’t walk away… It’s not that we are nosey by nature, well maybe just a little, but I like to think even when we are snooping around most will try to write when it’s really notable. Well…most of us.

The photo shoot was held at the Vendors Boutique 7167 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia PA, well it wasn’t really held because it wasn’t an open event; Shelley was looking for a little privacy and a place to get some portfolio pictures done. Some people are “Wedding Crashers” I seem to be a “Fashion Crasher” LOL

 Though I am now the owner of and I have worked in the industry as a makeup artist, fashion designer, cosmetics developer, hairstylist/barber as well as a contributing writer columnist and editor myself I still love watching the beauty of another trained hand, their interpretation and every meticulous stroke of their brush, needle, scissor, or pen. It’s just magic.

One of the things that is so neat about Shelley her work is very mainstream, in other words she is perfect for a bride or the average women who is looking for the makeup artist to make them look extra special for a special day such as their wedding, a gala, date night, or some other occasion. She seems to be affordable so I would say hire her for whatever.  I say this because what I liked she knows how to taper her hand, not all makeup artist know how to do that.  Being in the industry for a very long time I could see that many and working with photographers as well; many makeup artist don’t know how to do that especially in a fashion photo shoot. Did you know the hardest thing to learn it how to make the average women look absolutely fabulous and natural at the same time? Shelley does that well because I would have to say that all of Shelley’s models were naturally attractive but we all are in our own right, Shelley did not distort their natural beauty and that is not a easy thing to do because the type of makeup and techniques that we use for photo opts or anything that will be photographed is different than anything that we as women use for our everyday use.

I am also impressed by the makeup artist that can create the dramatic I even came across one who can create look a likes, I say kudos, but most of us just want to look like ourselves just fabulous Shelley seems to nail it; which I think is really important for any event wedding or any event where there is the slight chance you might be photographed. I don’t care if it’s Instragram but don’t spam her because she might know it was me, and I wasn’t suppose to be they’re

Will post more of Shelley Jones’s private photo shoot but had to get out of there cuz wasn’t really suppose to be there… ha-ha