bijougirllux: Ann Rice in conversation with Victoria Wilson This... November 06, 2014 23:34


                         Ann Rice in conversation with Victoria Wilson

This is a quick follow up for those who missed this evening’s “Authors Event & Book signing at the Free Library Philadelphia PA “Ann Rice in conversation with Victoria Wilson” both ladies were engaging. Victoria Wilson the editor of Ann Rice’s books for a little more than 40 years held the position of host and mediator.  I can only guess how proud Ms. Wilson must be of herself for making a decision barely over the age of 20 that the world needed the voice of Ann Rice.

Whether you are into Vampires or not as women I felt so proud of both of their accomplishments. I have to say though Victoria professionally made no attempt to upstage her artist I loved them both. It was hard to decide who I admired most the writer or her editor because they were both so gracious as not to dwell on the negative while speaking of their journeys correlating the time and books„ or movies along with life experiences that inspired them as children of the1930’s; which means they found beauty and fortitude during our nations greatest depression, both entertaining with eloquent wisdom graced with beautiful grey hair, an I still had a little difficulty wrapping  my mind around the fact that they were reminiscing about movies that aired in the 1930’s before television and that, Ann Rice said she had actually bought mascara for the price of 12 cents to impress boys. Ha-ha-ha… so shouldn’t they still look older than that , what are they Vampires?