Winterize Your Skin “Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside,” so the first... October 30, 2014 22:32

Winterize Your Skin 

“Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside,” so the first thing we will want to run for as soon as our feet reach the threshold of our door is that hot cup of chocolate or coffee, but as much as I love java I have to tell that you may want to refrain at least a little from both because they both contain caffeine, and caffeine is a natural diuretic, so having those extra doses of the java will deplete your body of moisture. I absolutely love coffee so the likelihood of me completely giving it up is well, not, going to happen, J but what we can do is cut back and add perhaps a cup or two of one of our favorite herbal teas instead of the hot chocolate or java  and after a long day you may find sipping a cup of calomel tea quite soothing in front of the fire; which brings me to one of the other culprits dry heat.

During the summer months and during my workouts I drink lots and lots of water but like so many of us I have a tendency not to be so mindful of my water intake during the chiller seasons. However the cold weather is brutal, zapping moisture from your skin, so in the wintertime like summer, you must hydrate…hydrate…hydrate. In the winter season not only are we fighting against the elements from the outdoors, once we turn on the heat to get it nice and toasty indoors we further deplete our body and noticeably our skin. One of the things that we can do to help combat the dry heat is to use a mister during the day. You don’t have to use a lot just spritz your face a little throughout the day; try one with an emollient like glycerin.

The rule of thumb to keep in mind is that whenever you are adding heat into the element you are depleting, so you will want to keep that in mind even when it comes to that really long hot shower to get the chill out of the bones actually in the long run you are drying your skin. During the colder months it is best to take shorter showers and less hot and steamy. Switch over to soaps and body washes that contain a lot of moisturizer; try to avoid any type of cleansers that are drying to your skin and avoid any of the harsher body scrubs one you might want to consider is the exfoliating wash by the Philosophy, micodelivery it is even safe on sensitive skin. After you step out of your shower you will want to use lots and lots of moisturizer, not only will you want to add nourishment to your skin topically you will want to be really mindful of your winter diet adding in foods that are really high in Omega 3 fatty acids which does wonders for dry skin.  

One more thing, just because it is not the summer sun don’t be fooled into believing that if you are out in the sun for any extended period of time that you don’t need sunblock especially if you out snowboarding, out on the ski slopes or doing the mundane snow shoveling you will want to use a good sunblock, and when you come back indoors you know, hydrate…hydrate…hydrate.  


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