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Panties Gone High Tech

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Bluetooth panties give a whole new meaning to “Girls Gone Wild!” Brian and Suki Dunham of the company OhMiBod have taken the concept of spicy text messaging between lovers, or sexting as it is commonly called to another level.  

At the 2014 Las Vegas CES show OhMiBod announced their new briefs that comes equipped with a Bluetooth chip that is connect to a “blueMotion massager which can be controlled entirely by your or your partner’s smartphone. Once the app is installed on your smartphones your partner will be able to program distinct vibrating patterns, control intensity of speed and even record phrases and messages, which would cause the device to vibrate to the rhythm of their voice. Now that is intense, but you would need to get the app for that… The good news if news could get any better getting the app is quite simple. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

 Both on Google Play and the App Store you are able to get the free version of the app or you can purchase the plugin add on for  $4.99 Wi-Fi enabled.  The Wi-Fi enabled you get all five modes – touch, voice, tap, wave and rhythm as well as long distance capabilities.

If you thought that you just didn’t want to join yet another social media network, think again because the long-distance capabilities of these high-tech undies only connect through Google+ yet another win for Google. I guess that’s one way to get Facebook fans to signup for Google+ I can almost hear the sound of mouse pads clicking…