To Beard or Not To Beard Mens Style & Fashion I’m not a guy... October 27, 2014 22:08


                                   To Beard or Not To Beard

Mens Style & Fashion

I’m not a guy obviously, but I kind of get men when they ask, “What do women want anyway!” So often we ladies really want our hubbies and, or boyfriends to really embrace the whole idea of fashion trends.  Unfortunately it’s no secret that many of our guys would be more willing to stay home and birth a cow than to succumb to a shopping date.  

To your man’s rescue came Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Cruise sporting gorgeous faces layered with manly hair. On top of all of the celebrity picture opts and hype there was also concrete evidence out that women loved it! I can only imagine what some of the men must have been thinking, “Finally I can be fashion trendy without ever leaving the house.” I can understand how many men would be exuberated by the whole idea of it.  After all the previous study from Australia did state that, “Women prefer not just stubble, but heavy stubble, a good gauge would be good (10) days worth of stubble,” so ladies if you wondering why he stopped shaving during the last Eagles’ season that, was it. I know we thought it was some kind of good luck ritual, no he was quietly working on his trendy sexiness. 

However, I hate to break it to the guys who are reading this article but here it goes… There has been a new study again from Australia which I know seems like a little back peddling, but it seems that everybody was not suppose to start growing a beard all at the same time.  There is now over saturation of beardedness. I don’t know what to tell you accept maybe you and your boys should have taken turns or something according to this new study

The new study suggests that the more beards there are for women to look at the more attractive a shaved face becomes. Scientist at the University of New South Wales asked men and women to rate different levels of beardedness compared to the shaved face their findings,  “There might be a element of natural selection when it comes to facial hair-style. When the women were presented with faces of a higher ratio of men wearing beards than those with a shaven face they preferred the shaven face.  This also seemed to happen in reverse, when the women were presented with more images of clean-shaven men than those with beards. Yep… After seeing more clean-shaven men we found those with facial hair attractive.  It’s pretty confusing huh?

I’m gong to shed a little light on this study; apparently it had to do with natural selection in other words it’s a little animalistic. In other words it has to do with rare traits.  Rare genetic traits are perceived as an advantage and attractive as a mating partner, yes like birds.

Now should all of you guys go running to your mirrors to shave off your manly stubble? If you do that than you have totally missed the point. This is about a pendulum apparently from what I have read it’s about every 30 years or so for beard wearing to peek. The other point of the study suggest beard saturation seems to be the problem, so if all of you guys start shaving at once then we are going to be dealing with clean-face saturation. 

This is obviously going to take some work on your part it may require some type of summit of sorts, or possibly a meet up will do.  The trick it to figure out a shaving schedule in order to control the pendulum so everybody get’s a turn at when to beard or not to beard, because that, it the question.