The Solo Per Due Restaurant For Lovers Though this restaurant... October 27, 2014 03:42

                      The Solo Per Due Restaurant For Lovers

Though this restaurant could set the two lovers back a bit since the cost for dinning is approximately 250 Euro each to start not including wine, it would be a ultimate experience in romance. The Solo Per Due located in Vacone, Italy only has seating for two, yes that’s right, they only have room for two. The Solo Per Due is the smallest restaurant in the world, one table 2 people. 

You would have to book well in advance however the interruption from other noisy dinners is nonexistent. You can assured that the staff could only be attentive to each dinner unlike most average size restaurants who really rely on the volume of patrons for their success The Solo Per Due restaurant only sees about 1,500 dinners per year.

Reservations can only be made by email at  It is important that you arrive at your scheduled reservation time not, early or late. Again the price tag for this secluded elegant dinner is 250 Euro exclude is champagne and fine wines. It’s important to note that the Solo Per Due does not accept credit cards.

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