Color Me Red Those of us who follow fashion trends are aware that... October 26, 2014 23:14

                                                Color Me Red

Those of us who follow fashion trends are aware that one of the colors of choice for Fall 2014 and projecting right into Summer 2015 is the color red.  You can expect to see the color red in various shades and hues during the two seasons worn by women and men. I have to say that red is certainly one of my favorites, yet I couldn’t figure out why I was so mesmerized by the male models on the runway strutting red; yes they were attractive, but I was like a deer caught in headlights!

Apparently this romantic color red has that same effect on both male and female species, human and nonhuman. According to a study found in the Journal of Experimental Phycology “In many nonhuman species of vertebrates, females are attracted to red on male conspecifics. Red is also a signal of male status in many nonhuman vertebrate species, and females show a mating preference for high-status males. These red–attraction and red–status links have been found even when red is displayed on males artificially. In the present research, we document parallels between human and nonhuman females’ response to male red. Specifically, in a series of 7 experiments we demonstrate that women perceive men to be more attractive and sexually desirable when seen on a red background and in red clothing, and we additionally show that status perceptions are responsible for this red effect. Red appears to be specific to women’s romantic attraction to men. These findings indicate that color not only has aesthetic value but can carry meaning and impact psychological functioning in subtle, important, and provocative way.”

Other previous research have shown that the color red can effect analytical thinking in humans, so ladies when you are reaching in your closet for the perfect power suit to wear to your next negotiating meeting you might want to try a hue of red, and gentlemen whether you follow fashion trends, or not you might want to try one of the shades of red necktie or bowtie depending on the gender demographics of the boardroom.  Fashion can level the playing field.

What’s fascinating is how the color red has an effect on both genders. A study found in this same journal, Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that men prefer women in color and that they are more likely to approach women wearing brighter colors because not only are they attracted to her, but also they feel less likely to face rejection. Now this next finding I think is most note worthy, this study also revealed, are you listening ladies? The scientist tested 96 male subjects and found that men on a date are much more likely to spend more money on their date when the lady is wearing red. That all being said I imagine we will see a lot more red on the streets in the next coming months well into 2015 and beyond.

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