Be A H.I.I.T In Your Skinny Jeans Last week I wrote about this... October 26, 2014 22:23

                          Be A H.I.I.T In Your Skinny Jeans

Last week I wrote about this fall 2014/Winter 2015 fall fashion tread, the rebirth of the distressed skinny jeans. The distressed Jean is what’s known as effortless fashion but how does one effortlessly slip into a pair of their favorite ripped skinny jeans?  I went on a quest to get the answer; sorry to report I was told by two local experts that there is no effortless way.  However there is a less time consuming way to burn calories and increase your lean muscle mass.

I had the opportunity to meet up with Ty Tomlinson and Nick Perry of Logan Square Fitness Center located at 1717 Arch Street in Center City Philadelphia.  Ty and Nick are both recent graduates of sports medicine and are certified fitness trainers, so they are really passionate about fitness! When I asked them the skinny jeans question their workout of choice is a technique called H.I.I.T, pronounced (HIT).  I know that it is by no means effortless because I have taken H.I.IT classes with both Ty and Nick, and it kicked my butt! However if you are looking to get serious and step your game up, H.I.I.T is a great go to. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with the workout technique I asked Ty and Nick to elaborate what exactly is H.I.I.T and why are they so excited about it, other than having the amusement of watching me almost drop to my knees the first time I tried one of their classes.

This is the quick down and dirty on what it is and why it works. H.I.I.T stands for high intensity interval training. Once you decided to give a H.I.I.T class a try you will find that it is made up of quick short high-energy exercises mixed with small amounts of rest. I mean small amounts of rest! Due to the high intensity of these short bursts, you use your anaerobic system as the primary energy source, which increases your heart rate drastically, allowing you to burn more calories from your fat stores. Trust me on the heart rate increase, pace yourself because the object is to get into those skinny jeans not, die!

Also due to these high intensities your body secretes Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is your metabolism hormone, thus increasing your metabolism. H.I.I.T. performed with resistive training will also increase your lean body mass (muscle mass), which further increases your metabolism through muscle recovery and the high-energy cost your muscles require.

Ty and Nick say “The beautiful thing about H.I.I.T. style exercises is that they can be performed anywhere at any time and be mixed in with any exercise making it one of the most challenging and efficient workouts. It will not only challenge you physically but also challenge you mentally.” 

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