A quick follow up on the idea of dying or bleaching to jump on... March 31, 2015 13:40

A quick follow up on the idea of dying or bleaching to jump on the latest craze of the granny gray, Kim went blonde for Fashion Week and found that the concept quickly became a part-time job to stay that way. Going extremly blonde or the extra mile to gray locks can be quite a process especially if you are like Kim going from a dark brunett to gray. Since I’m from the salon industry I would say that your hair should be in great condition prior and understand the process because it can be a real strain on your hair. When done correctly it’s beautiul as you can see by Kim’s pic.  However keep in mind that this is a two process chemical treatment that you’re putting your hair through first bleaching or stripping the hair of color then adding your desired tone. 

My suggestion this put into the hands of a skilled colorist and stylist. This is just not one of those times when you get to say, “Well all I have to do is.” Not! Drop that idea and head striaght to a trained professional. 

I have not personally tried the 2015 trend of the granny hair yet but the supper blonde I have.  In right hands you can quickly be the blonde bomb shell or rock the granny mom-ma-ma look.