Madonna by Terry Richardson For Harper’s Bazaar & New Video “Bitch I’m Madonna” June 22, 2015 09:30

I happen to read the Daily Beast and the intel was that the video was sad and disappointing. The article on the Daily Beast was titled “Bitch I’m Desperate” The complaint was that the promised star studded cameos in “Bitch I’m Madonna” video were too fleeting. In personally viewing the video I didn’t have any trouble recognizing any of her cameo guest. Let’s stop and consider whose music video it is because the title “Bitch I’m Madonna would lead me to believe and expect that it is a (Madonna) video and she is suppose to be the major “B” in the video. I think if one really wants to hear Kanye West and the rest of the cameo guest sing then you listen to their videos you don’t watch a Madonna video. What do you think?