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Thanks for stopping by and checking  out our affliate program. This is a great place to land if you are really excited about fashion and a fun way to make money. 

We worked really hard to create a generous affiliate program.  You earn a 18% commission on sales generated from your referrals. You don't even need a blog or website to participate. You can share through your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or post on your blog or website. 

 We offer 90 day cookies so if your referral returns and makes a purchase during this 90 day  period you get paid, yay!

Wow! We're not done yet, did you know that we not only pay you money when your lead makes a purchase but  also when you shop on That's right join our affiliate program and when you shop we pay you hard cash! 

Our affiliate program is free to join, we pay 18% commission on a 30 day payout, 90 day cookies, and you get paid when you shop!  All payments are processed via Paypal and all activity is tracked by "LeadDyno" in your very own affiliate dashboard.

 Free and simple to join just enter your email address below to get started. 


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