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Bandage Dress Size Chart


Please note with care the wonderful snug fit of the bandage dress and respect the dress, so note to self a perfect fit sometimes will require a little help getting into. Because of the heavy support in a genuine bandage dresses I have on many occasions asked one of my friends to help zip me up in my bandage dress, but once it’s on it is amazingly comfortable wear.

A properly fitted bandage dress 3 to 4 and half inches around your body to the  approximate size in our bandage dress chart with more stretch felt across the bust and the hips. This close fit is what shapes and enhances your figure.

If you have a smaller bust and larger hips, best fit is to order according to your bust size the stretch in the fabric will stretch for the more endowed bottom, but in most other cases order to fit the hip area. And for a comfortable fit order one size up.

Dresses measure about 3 to 4 inches above the knee