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Thank you for visiting our charity page a place where you can find information on our selected charities. For more indepth information we advise that you visit the organizations website we have included links to their website and videos when publicly available. 

Please also feel free to submit other chariites that you would like to see included or repersented. We will periodiclly change our list in order to spread the love. 

We embarked on this project because though we enjoy what we do as a family and team we felt that we could not be content with the status quo of doing business as usual.  It is our desire to have a positive impact in the world so we have taken on the challenge of our own "Fashion Upheaval" and to be a fashion brand that not only brings goods and services to the market but to help to faciliate changes in the world at large. 
You are under no obligation to desinate a charity; however if you choose your only requirement on your part is to select your charity at the time of check out. Once you add your items to the chart and move onto complete the check you will see a prompt and drop down menu. (We) pay the 10% donation from the amount of your final purchase. We do not solicite you for a donation or additional funds. 
We are passionate and committed, thank you so much for your support. 

The Breast Cancer Charities of America’s FEELING BEAUTIFUL AGAIN PROJECT


"After losing a breast to cancer, countless women have shared that the experience is equivalent to losing your femininity and sexuality all at once, leaving patients to deal with issues of body image and self-esteem. Accepting a post-cancer body is often very difficult.  But simple sensitive acts of care and kindness can help.  This is the focus of The Breast Cancer Charities Feeling Beautiful Again Project. 


The Solutions
Just as with any psychological issue, women with breast cancer can benefit from engaging in an honest conversation about their cancer-related body image issues. In addition to just “getting it out there,” women can do several things to take charge of improving their self-esteem:

Partners can go a long way to be loving and supportive in regards to a woman’s changing body image. Expressing acceptance and encouragement, as a woman makes changes in wardrobe and hairstyle, can help her make the transition from a pre-cancer to a post-cancer body easier." Read More

Children International

"Half of those living in poverty are childern, " Childern International's mission is to work to break the cycle of poverty. Childern International is a top-rated, BBB-accredited charity and named on the top humanitarian organzations in the U.S. by Consumers Digest. 
Children International is a top-rated, BBB-accredited charity and named one of the top humanitarian organizations in the U.S. by Consumers Digest." Read More


Give Rugged Maniac /American Cancer Society


International Fund for Animal Welfare

"Rescue individuals, safeguard populations, and perserve habitat. Founded in 1969, the International Fund for Animals Wealfare saves individual animals. animal populaltions and habitats all over the world. With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW provides hands-on assistance to animas in need. whether it's dogs and cats, wildlife and livestock, or resuing animals in the wake of disasters." Read More


One Acre Fund

"One Acre Fund provides farmers with seeds,  fertliizers, and up-to-date agricultural training to improve harvests, and helps farmers safely store their crops and build relationships with local traders. 
When farmers improve their harvest, they produce more food for their families and communities. By 2020, One Acre Fud estimates that participating farmers will produce a surplus of food to feed an additional 5 million of their neighbors." Read More
Again thank you for your support.