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Chat WhatsApp

Because most people are mobile and have very little time to spend waiting on hold when contacting the average customer service department at first we thought maybe Live Chat but then we realized that most of us are not sitting in front of our computers 24/7 so Live Chat can take some effort to put into our schedules even if the Live Chat is 24/7. 

We also wanted to cut down on cost for our international customers we found "WhatsApp" to be the answer for connecting and delivering great customer service on the go.

Want to chat via text. By using "Whatsapp" you can text from an Android, iPhone or BlackBerry device. If you don't have the app head over to Google Play Store and download the Whatsapp by Whatsapp Inc. You need to select the correct app for your particular device.

The app is free for a year and after that Whatsapp Inc. charges a nominal fee of 0.99 cents if you choose to keep it, I say you should keep it because the really cool thing about this app is all messaging and calling anyone with this app is free even if they are out of the country. I understand that it bypasses your cellular minutes however depending on your plan data usage may apply, but how cool is that!  

Download "Whatsapp" add 1+267-721-6425  to your contacts the name on Whatsapp Geri Barnes. I'm the founder of Les so send us a text and keep it moving!