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Tell Us What You Think & Earn Discounts


We pride ourselves on being very customer driven. We love what we do only because you love it. Once you stop loving us it's just not much fun any more. :( 

Because we want so much to hear your feedback we will pay you in points that you can redeem for discounts towards products. 

You can tell us what we are doing right or you can tell us where we need to improve. Improvement can entail for example user friendless of our website, types of products you would like to see.

If you really don’t like something we are doing let us know but try not to be too brutal we are humans not bots on the other side of the screen and we really want to get it right.

We can’t guarantee that we will implement every wonderful idea that you come up with but we will certainly give it weight.

The great part is we allow up to 10 thought points per each month so 10 thought points is 10% off your purchase that month if you happen to suffer from mental block that month and only come up with 5 thoughts, then you would get 5% off your purchase that month.

If you turn out to be a real mastermind and we use your idea you get an automatic 20% off your purchase that month.

We only ask that you try to resist the urge to spam. Venting is okay spamming is not at all sexy besides this is for real thoughts here…

Wow! Finally somebody loves you for your mind and not just your beauty. :) 

Send your thoughts to the email address below

customerrealations AT lesbijouteries DOT com