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Wholesale Bandage Dresses

Thank you so much for your interest as our resell customer we will do our best to provide the kind of service that will facilitate both of our success.

Presently we only offer without branding or Bijou Girl branded bandage dresses. Dresses without out Bijou Girl branding are without any label. Those with the Bijou Girl labeling include our logo including our sewed in fabric label, attached paper label and product size. We do charge slightly more for the confidence it will give your customers to receive products with banding and tags, however as our customer please note our disclaimer (all) of our products with or without labels in terms of the highest quality and craftsmanship (all) of our bandage dress are the

Same. We offer a 100% refund if any of our dresses don’t meet our highest standard and craftsmanship.

  • We very competitive pricing – our includes our worldwide shipping
  • Fast shipping most cases are 5-9 business days worldwide shipping
  • We are a US based company with US customer support

How To Place An Order

  • Review our website and decide on the dresses you would like to order wholesale.
  • Copy their names into an email together with quantify and sizes you want.
  • Send the email to gbarnes@lesbijouteries.com
  • We will reply with a detailed quote within 2 to 3 business days  

Minimum Order Quantities & Returns

  • Minimum order quantities are 20 bandage dresses in total. These can be across any style and sizes.
  • Returns are accepted only for quality and craftsmanship issues and must be made within 15 days of order.
  • Returns are for exchange only unless otherwise agreed.  
  • We do not pay return shipping cost to our warehouse but we will pay them if we ask you to ship to any other destination. 
  • Please if you would like to make a return please email us at customerrelations@lesbijouterie.com so that we can walk you through our process.

Any Questions Or Concerns?

If you have any additional questions or concerns of urgent matter contact us at (267) 721-6425. If not please send us a email at customerrelations@lesbijouteries.com.