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Wholesale & Drop Shipping

LesBijouteries.com is a global online fashion destination. As a Wholesaler you will find our pricing fair, competitive as well as affordable. You will enjoy great attentive customer service along with having access to the latest fashion and style. When it comes to our fashion offerings you will find style and designs that fit the everyday lifestyle and well as unique designs not easily found in the average online or offline showrooms.

LesBijouteries.com is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and our affiliated manufacturing and shipping facilities are located in Guangzhou and Chizhou China. All communication will be handled through our Philadelphia PA office.

Placing Wholesale Orders

 We make placing wholesale orders simple and easy, you will only need to review our collections on our website take down the name of item and email us with the name of item (s) and the quantity that you would like to order to customer service at customerservice@lesbijouteries.com and we will provide you with a quote not including shipping.  Please allow at least 24 hours for your quote.

We offer fast shipping on wholesale orders via, DHL, UPS, and FedEx depending on your region.  Once you have finalized what items and the quantity we can provide you with your shipping cost.

Minimum Orders & Returns

 You will find our pricing competitive and affordable. Your final wholesale price will be based on the item selected so the price will vary depending on design. Our minimum order is 50 pc per wholesale order unless when ordering a  limited edition where a small number was manufactured.

We pride ourselves on our quality. We strongly suggest that Wholesalers purchase at least one sample before placing a wholesale order; however, this is not required. Unfortunately, we do not offer wholesale discounts for your sample and would be paid at the retail cost, but you will be able to take advantage of our free worldwide shipping for your sample order.

 Our return policy is based on quality and craftsmanship. In the event that you need to make a return it must be done within 30 days and will be made in a form of an exchange only unless agreed. We do not cover the cost of shipping on wholesale returns. You will not be required to return items to China, but to our PA location.

In the event that you need to make a return please email us at customerservice@lesbijouteris.com and we will walk you through our simple process.

If you have any questions, please contact us at customerservice@lesbijouteries.com, WhatsApp or message us on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.

Interested in Our Drop-Ship Service?

All Drop Ship services are not the same we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and work to build a beneficial collaborative business arrangement.

Our service will entitle you to our Drop Ship Discount and you will be able to offer the same free shipping service that we offer to our own customers along with our high quality in the latest fashion & Style.

Our Drop-Ship program is based on a small monthly subscription that we set up through PayPal as a reoccurring monthly payment that you will be able to stop at any time.  We only work with those who have an existing and verifiable website and certain restrictions apply.

If you would like full details on how to get started email us at customerservice@lebijouteries.com